Mad About Maienza!


What a great turnout for New Zealand’s first ever ‘Maienza’ DIY workshop held at EcoMatters in Auckland on Saturday, 16 July.

This do-all probiotic was developed in Japan in the 90s and has since been used elsewhere in Asia and in Australia.

You’ve never heard of ‘Maienza’? In a nutshell, it’s a food-based, probiotic, multipurpose solution you can easily make yourself.

We were amazed at the many uses Maienza has:

In the garden it can keep fungal and bacteria diseases at bay and improve soil health, plus accelerate Bokashi and compost making.

As a budget-friendly household cleaner it removes stubborn grease from pots, and the enzymes in Maienza eat protein stains on clothes. No need for nasty chemical cleaners!

Maienza is an odour-buster, sorting out drains, toilets and rubbish bins. A drop in your pet’s water bowl will help deodorise your pongie pooch.

A spray on the back of the hand is a quick way to show what a difference it makes as a softener/moisturiser. So smooth! The list goes on…

Sound too good to be true? Well, the group who attended the Maienza workshop had a chance to investigate for themselves. The workshop was full of activities and was a cross between a cooking class and a science lab!

“Natto” – Fermented soy bean.

One of the first things the participants did was to taste a traditional Japanese food called ‘Natto’, (fermented soy bean) which is one of the ingredients for the Maienza solution. What a curious fermented food – full of stretchy threads like mozarella and prepared in a delicious way – yum!

Next the group got to purify murky green rainwater using Natto extract, which bound up impurities, turning the water crystal clear like magic!

They got to taste freshly-brewed Maienza (a bit like wine) then learned to make their own. They compared the pH levels of the finished product of ‘Maienza’ to baking soda solution and learnt what it meant. Finally, the group was shown how Maienza is used on an organic farm in Japan.

We hope this first ever NZ class of maienza-makers are now enjoying brewing and using their own Maienza at home, and spreading the word!

Some of the great feedback for this workshop: ‘unique’, ‘informative’ and ‘fascinating’, ‘holistic’. ‘A revolutionary discovery’ ‘well communicated’, ‘lovely presenter’.

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