How to recycle E-waste with Us

You can bring your e-waste to us to be recycled, for a small fee. These fees cover processing costs, and go a long way to helping make Auckland a healthier, waste-free place to live. Thank you for your contribution as well as making the effort to recycle your e-waste.

Laptops that are less than ten years old, and come with a charger will be sent to RAD (Recycle a Device) to be refurbished. Any data will be wiped, and the laptop will be used to teach rangatahi the skills to refurbish, and extract parts where refurbishment isn’t an option. Refurbished laptops are then gifted to individuals and whānau who need them the most, through RA’D’s partnerships with schools and community organisations across Aotearoa.

All other items are sent to Echo Tech (formerly Computer Recycling), which reuses, repurposes and recycles a range of e-waste. Data is securely destroyed, then devices that are still in working order are sold or redistributed where they are needed most, with proceeds going to charities like us. Items that are not suitable for re-use are then dismantled, for recycling locally or with accredited overseas recycling centres.

When and where to drop off

Mondays and Tuesdays, 10am to 2pm
EcoMatters Resource Recovery Depot: Unit 9, 22 Moselle Ave, Henderson 0610

Wednesdays to Sundays, 10am to 2pm (closed on public holidays)
EcoMatters Store: 1 Olympic Place, New Lynn, Auckland.

Sorry, we can’t accept any lightbulbs, or large appliances, such as fridges, freezers, washing machines, dryers, and extra large TVs.

For other items you can recycle with us, such as curtains, razors, toothbrushes and more, please visit our recycling page.

What it costs to recycle E-waste with us

E-Waste ItemCost (including GST)
Prices from 11 May 2023, subject to change
CRT TVs$40
Flat Screen TVs$20
Flat Screen Computer Monitors$10
Other e-waste
Desktops / Laptop / Tablets / DVD / VCR / Speakers / Stereos / Hard drives$5 each
Laptop batteries$7.50 per kg
Misc Items (Phones / Keyboards / Wires and cables)$5 per banana box, or a koha for part thereof
Secure Data Erasure
Hard Drive + Phones Erasure (certificate included)$18
Hard Drive + Phones Destruction (shredded, certificate extra $30 + GST charge applies)$22
Small Printers, Scanners, Fax Machines$10
Medium Printers, Scanners (photocopiers)$30
Large Printers (Over 100kgs)Sorry, we can't take these
Household Appliances
Small Items (kettle, toaster, hair dryers, irons, food processors, fan heaters, microwaves)$5
Medium Items (vacuum cleaners, oil heaters, dehumidifiers)$10
Large appliancesSorry, we can't take these
Mixed Batteries$6 per kg
Lead Acid - Car BatteriesFree


Electrical items, such as applicances or vacuum cleaners, that are still in working order can also be taken to a Community Recycling Centre near you, where it can be resold for use by someone else. Check Auckland Council’s How To Get Rid of Unwanted Items web page for more information on recycling options.


E-waste is a universally agreed upon term for electrical or electronic equipment that has been or will soon be thrown away. This includes both working and broken items. There are many good reasons to keep this growing waste material out of landfill, but one of the most important reasons is that these items are full of toxic chemicals that leak out from the metal components inside, once in the ground. New Zealand produces about 80,000 tonnes of e-waste a year, yet is reported to recycle a mere 2% of it. This is why your efforts, along with EcoMatters and our e-waste partners, are so important for our taiao (natural environment) and our hapori (community).