Being a water-conscious city is going to be a critical part of being a sustainable place to live, and water efficiency is something everyone can be part of. And the best part - it also helps you save money and resources!


Is your water bill higher than average? Do you have a specific water issue or concern? Use the graph to compare your water usage to the average Auckland household and see if you’re eligible for a free water check.


If your water bill is average or above average or if you’ve received a bill that’s unusually high for your household, you’re eligible for a free water check with EcoMatters’ Sustainability Advisors.

We’ll visit your home to take a look at all things water related. This takes about an hour, and any water saving devices we install are free of charge.

This service includes:

  • Water saving advice for each area of your home
  • Flow rate tests for showers and mixer taps
  • Free water saving products and installations (where relevant)
  • Instructions on how to do a leak test
  • Identifying your water meter
  • Personalised water saving recommendations



If you have any water-related queries, please email us at or give us a call at 09 826 0563.


We stock a range of water saving devices at a discounted rate at our EcoHub Store. These can help you reduce the flow rate of your water fixtures and greatly reduce how much water gets used in your shower.


"I just want to thank you and especially Kirstie who came out yesterday to review our water usage and provided many useful hints on how to conserve water usage. Replacing and installing some of the devices that will assist in reducing water usage was a real bonus. Thank you very much, this is a great service."

"Many thanks Kirstie, for coming home and teaching me how to use water more wisely. I have posted all your pamphlets on my fridge as reminders and am very mindful of the hourglass timer in the shower. We will work on reducing our water bill as much as possible."



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Thanks to Watercare for funding our water advice service.