by Anna Kary

Get a taste of our seasonal Healthy Eating series

We’ve teamed up with naturopath and medical herbalist Paloma Velásquez to produce a series of seasonal Healthy Eating workshops. The workshops feature vegetables, fruit and foraged ‘weeds’ grown in EcoMatters… Read More

by ecomatters

Lock down tips for locking out cold and mould this winter

Control the way your home heats and cools, rather than letting it control you. Our sustainability advisors have a wealth of knowledge on making your home healthier, warmer and drier.… Read More

by Anna Kary

Keeping busy the EcoMatters way

Looking for more ways to keep busy in your own home and backyard during the Easter break and beyond? Our EcoMatters team are putting their talents and skills to use… Read More

by admin

Helping Households Change Their Ways With Water

After looking at the data on their water bill, Shelley Scarlett says she was shocked to see her family’s usage was higher than an average three-person household in Auckland. She… Read More