Looking to make your next event zero waste? We've got all the resources and advice you need right here:

Zero Waste Events Flyer

We have created a handy flyer which takes you through four easy steps to creating a zero waste event.

Download the flyer by clicking here.

Zero Waste Events Gear

Banish disposable cups and plates from your event and help guests sort their waste for more sustainable disposal by borrowing our zero waste event gear.

For a donation of $100 you can borrow bins and stands, as well as crockery, cutlery, wash tubs, brushes, aprons and tea towels.

We have dinner plates, side plates, bowls, coffee cups, forks, knives, tablespoons and teaspoons, along with washing up equipment. Maximum numbers of cutlery and crockery vary, but if you require a complete place-setting, with one of each item for your guest, we can cater for up to 25 full sets.

Rent A Bin zero waste equipment to hire

You can also borrow up to three sets of clearly labelled bins and a stand. These bins make it easy to collect recyclables, food scraps and landfill waste.

Please note the following conditions of borrowing:

  • A donation of $100 is to be paid in advance of borrowing items.
  • You will need to collect and return items in your own vehicle, so please ensure you have access to a vehicle large enough to transport the items you wish to borrow.
  • You will collect and return the items on the dates agreed with us.
  • You will need to dispose of all waste collected yourself.
  • All borrowed items must be returned to us clean and undamaged.
  • Any damage or missing items will incur a replacement/repair fee.

Please complete this form to enquire about borrowing our zero waste gear.

Zero Waste Events Advice

EcoMatters has partnered with Auckland Council to provide a one-stop 'how to' guide for anyone interested in running zero waste events. Along with information about event planning, compostable packaging and case studies, you can also book zero waste event loan gear and get in touch with zero waste event advisors.

Visit the Zero Waste Events website.

Zero Waste Events Grants

Thanks to Auckland Council, there are grants available to support making your community event zero waste. You can apply for up to $200 for community events taking place in Auckland.

Find out more here, including full terms and conditions.

Thanks to our funders and supporters

Auckland Council funds the Zero Waste Events website and grants to support its aspirational vision of zero waste by 2040.