Recycle With Us

It’s great to recycle household waste in the kerbside bins provided by the council. But there are still many items that go to landfill every year that could be recycled elsewhere. We receive and process many of these things at two locations so start putting these items aside to bring in regularly. Join us in Auckland’s grand vision to be zero waste by 2040! Here’s what you can recycle with us, how and where.

When and where to drop off 

Wednesdays to Sundays, 10am to 2pm (closed on public holidays)
EcoMatters Store: 1 Olympic Place, New Lynn, Auckland. 

What we accept so landfill doesn’t have to:

Free to drop off with us


We collect clean second-hand curtains, which are given to families in need via Habitat for Humanity. We’re thrilled to work with this fabulous organisation and they’re incredibly grateful for all your contributions, especially lined curtains, which really help to keep people warmer and  healthier. Sorry, no blinds, rails or mouldy curtains, thank you.
FREE to drop off.


A wide range of shaving equipment can be dropped off with us as part of Terracycle’s Gillette Razor Recycling Programme. This includes: all brands of disposable blades and razors (systems, disposable units, and replaceable-blade cartridge units), rigid plastic packaging, and flexible plastic bag packaging. We also accept stainless razor blades used in safety razors. New safety razors and refill blades can be purchased at our EcoMatters Store.
FREE to drop off. 


EcoMatters is an official collection point for the ecostore Plastic Return Programme. We accept all empty ecostore containers for Aotearoa-based recycling, including the 5L and 20L containers.
FREE to drop off. 


Has your inflatable pool toy had its day in the sun? If it is glitter-free, clean and mould-free, we encourage you to drop it off to us. These toys are then collected by I Used To Be, a fabulous and innovative initiative that repurposes inflatable pool toys into bright and fun water resistant bags and accessories.
FREE to drop off. 


Only Colgate-branded toothbrushes, toothpaste tubes, toothpaste caps, floss containers and their plastic outer packaging materials can be brought to us now. We encourage you to collect them up and bring them in when you have a small box full. We send them to Terracycle’s Colgate Oral Care Recycling Programme.
FREE to drop off.

solid toothpaste JARS AND BOTTLES

We’re an official jar return location for Solid toothpaste. Bring your clean, empty and delabelled Solid toothpaste jars and bottles in to us. They’ll be sent back to Solid to be sterilised and re-used. Ask us for a jar return card – once you’ve returned 12 jars in total, you’ll get a free toothpaste to say thank you.
FREE to drop off.

Mobile phones

Have an old phone lying around? EcoMatters is an official collection point for the RE:MOBILE recycling program. Drop off your unwanted phones for recycling, even if the screen is broken or it no longer turns on. For every phone recycled with RE:MOBILE, money is donated to Sustainable Coastlines, an award-winning charity working hard to look after the waterways and coastlines we love. See here for how to remove your personal data before dropping off your phone.
FREE to drop off.

Items with a processing charge


We provide a drop-off point for recycling electronic goods and certain household appliances. Processing charges apply for recycling e-waste due to the specialised recycling processes. Find out more at our dedicated E-waste page.


Got something else you’d like to dispose of sustainably that’s not listed here?

These Auckland Council resources will help: