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Love Food Hate Waste

Love Food Hate Waste logoThe average Kiwi family throws away three shopping trolleys of edible food each year. Love Food Hate Waste NZ aims to reduce the amount of food going to waste (and the vast financial and environmental costs associated with this) across Aotearoa.

Auckland Council supports Love Food Hate Waste NZ by offering workshops teaching people how to make the most of the food they have. There’s also a resource-rich website with recipe ideas and food storage tips available at


EcoMatters facilitates Love Food Hate Waste workshops across Auckland, with a regular calendar of events including:

Just Eat It DocumentaryGrow Your Own GreensCreative Cooking
Documentarians Grant Baldwin and Jenny Rustemeyer embarked on a six month experiment, eating only food that is discarded or will soon be discarded. In this film, the couple dive into the issue of waste, from farm, through to retail, all the way to the back of their own fridge. After seeing how much good food is tossed every year, they pledge to quit grocery shopping and survive only on discarded food. Followed by a group discussion and Q&A about food waste.Dig in at this fun, free local workshop where you’ll learn all our top tips and tricks to grow vibrant green veggies in your garden or in containers. Then we’ll show you how to create green smoothies, plus ideas for super salads, tasty snacks and marvellous meals using the greens you’ll be growing. Growing your own food and using it wisely helps save money and is better for the environment.Learn creative new ideas to use up those forgotten ingredients hiding at the back of your fridge, at this free local workshop. Get inspired to love your leftovers again, with tips and hints for creating nibbles, pesto, drinks and more from common leftovers. You’ll also get great advice about how to store your fresh food and leftovers, to help them last longer. Making the most of the food we have helps save money and is better for the environment.

For more information about upcoming workshops and events, please visit the EcoMatters events calendar for Auckland events and the Love Food Hate Waste events calendar for New Zealand wide dates.

Meet our Love Food Hate Waste tutors

Would you like to host a Love Food Hate Waste workshop? Please contact your local tutor to find out more. You must have at least 15 participants attending for us to be able to support a private workshop.

Jo SmartPhilippa (Pip) BeagleyAmanda Hookham
Tutor:Jo SmartPhilippa (Pip) BeagleyAmanda Hookham-Kraft
Area:RodneyRodneyWest Auckland
I love food, it brings people together, it is the medicine our bodies need to nurture and energise, it is fun and rewarding to grow and it breaks my heart so much food is wasted. My passion for living a lighter footprint on this planet, together with my love of food, led me to Love Food Hate Waste.I live sem-rurally, just north of Orewa and am passionate about growing food for my family and providing delicious meals that don’t cost the earth or create waste. I love to be inspired by what I can create from my gardens, cupboards and fridge.My background is in waste-wise advice, regenerative development and holistic plant medicine. Delivering Love Food Hate Waste workshops gives me the opportunity to help deepen everyone’s understanding of how our own choices and actions in our daily lives relates to waste reduction.
Bindi ChouhanJennifer KerrSue Ollerton
Tutor:Bindi ChouhanJennifer KerrSue Ollerton
Area:West and Central AucklandSouth AucklandSouth Auckland
I have a background in wellbeing, behavioural psychology and community development, as well as being passionate about our environment. Together with my family, we love to connect with local communities, by sharing tips and ideas for Love Food Hate Waste, so more people can live more consciously through their food choices and habits.I’m passionate about caring for Papatuanuku and live on a small, organic farm in Waiuku where I grow much of the food that I and my family cook and eat. I like healthy, nutritious and tasty food that doesn’t take too long to prepare and believe that healthy soil, equals healthy food which in turn leads to healthy people.As a Love Food Hate Waste facilitator, I enjoy passing on my love of cooking and sharing my skills and experience in making the most out of food, to reduce food waste and be more sustainable. I’m also passionate about nutritious waste-free on-the-go snacks, which helps reduce unnecessary packaging and save money.
Kayleigh AppletonKathy VoylesCarys Templer
Tutor:Kayleigh AppletonKathy VoylesCarys Templer
Area:Waiheke IslandWaiheke IslandWaiheke Island
I grew up in the Orkney Isles of Scotland, and moved to Aotearoa in 2018. I’m passionate about trying to live a low waste lifestyle and working as a Love Food Hate Waste tutor is a wonderful chance to vibe with people about where they are at on their food waste awareness journey.I grew up in Waikato, before living in Europe for 30 years, working in media departments for intergovernmental organisations and non-governmental organisations. I’m extremely passionate about food, human rights and the environment and continue to develop frugal food recipes and give cooking demonstrations and write as much poetry as I can.I started at the Waiheke Resources Trust in 2016, working on projects from food waste reduction to commercial composting. Last year I embarked on a zero waste cycle tour the length of New Zealand, UK and parts of Europe and Asia. I love cooking and experimenting with unwanted foods to see what crazy taste sensations I can create.


Love Food Hate Waste Top 10 Foods New Zealanders Throw Away (PDF)

Love Food Hate Waste tutor resource catalogue. Please email to request resources.

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Thanks to our funders

Auckland Council funds this initiative to support achieving its aspirational vision of zero waste by 2040.