Tam Alexander


Tam grew up in South Africa where he was active in anti-apartheid politics, and ran two successful IT businesses with his brother. He lives with his partner Sandy (and two dogs) in Titirangi. His professional qualifications include degrees in commerce, politics, and an MBA. In New Zealand he has worked exclusively in the not for profit sector, for 4 years as General Manager for Amnesty International NZ, and then as a self-employed specialist in not for profit organisation operations and governance since 2005. To contact Tam, please email: [email protected]


Sharon Davies

Sharon (or Shaz as she is otherwise known) is a staunch Westie and passionate people person. Besides EcoMatters she’s involved in a number of other community organisations in the West including the Waitakere Branch of Forest & Bird, the Swanson Railway Station Trust (Chair) and the Safer West Community Trust (Secretary). In her spare time she works as PA/Board Liaison to the Waitakere Ranges Local Board based in Glen Eden. She was awarded a Queens Service Medal for services to the community in June 2013. Email: [email protected]


Mark Harvey

Mark is an artist and Senior Lecturer at The University of Auckland and volunteer and member of a range of conservation focused organisations. He makes public art in the area of performance and participation with an interest in public behaviours and attitudes around climate change and conservation and has shown his practice in a wide range of international and national contexts such as the 55th Venice Biennale for Visual Arts, Venice and the New Zealand Festival of the Arts. He is on the committee for the Waitakere Ranges Conservation Network and is very active in his local Sustainable Neighbourhoods conservation activities. Email: [email protected]


Nicola Campbell

In her professional role Nicola provides consultancy and professional coaching and mentoring support for senior leaders in SME, corporate, government, community and health. She loves the mission of Ecomatters to connect people with the environment as it aligns with her personal commitment to help people to live a good life while contributing to building a socially just, environmentally sustainable, and spiritually fulfilling world. Email: [email protected]


David Kenkel

David was born and raised in West Auckland on the land of Te Kawerau-a-Maki. He is unreasonably passionate about the West’s landscapes of ecology, culture and history. He lives with his partner Annette and they are blessed with two children. He is committed to the notion that environmental sustainability, locally empowered community development, and social justice are inextricably linked. He has a background in social practice with people and communities. He is undertaking a PhD focused on sustainability and people in place. Email: [email protected]


Sandra Murray

Sandra Murray, is an Environmental Consultant and the national coordinator for the New Zealand Product Stewardship Council. An experienced advisor on all aspects waste and Product Stewardship, Sandra has had involvement in many voluntary product stewardship schemes in New Zealand as well as community and activist groups for animal rights, youth, social justice and the environment. Sandra is passionate about waste as an indicator of the health of our society, and views waste activities as being key to developing local community resilience and actions for environmental and social benefit. Email: [email protected]


David Hall

David has extensive operational experience in both the primary sector and Auckland Airport. His current role is in the planning department where he brings his strategic planning skills. David has an engineering degree and has a passion of applying these skills in resource use in a sustainable manner. David has four boys and desires to protect their future environment. Email: [email protected]


Lauola Schuster

Lauola Schuster is of Samoan and European heritage and embraces her biculturalism. Born and raised in Auckland, she loves the diversity present in our city. She has always had an interest in the environment, the role we play in protecting it and moved onto gain qualifications in Geography and Environmental Management. Her studies led her to appreciate the importance of community participation and collaboration in sustainability. She is a Community Advisor with Department of Internal Affairs with a community-led development focus and am an advocate for Pasifika and the environment. Her interests are the outdoors, the ocean and she volunteers with teaching women's skateboard classes. This is her first board member role and she looks forward to supporting EcoMatters and our community. Email: [email protected]


Charlotte Moore

Charlotte is a research analyst with WAVES Trust, a West Auckland based family violence network organisation. She has a strong interest in the connections between people, place and environment, and believes that caring for our environment is central to the wellbeing of our communities. A self-professed policy geek, Charlotte is currently completing a PhD at the University of Auckland examining how we deliver social services in Aotearoa New Zealand. In her spare time (?) she is an enthusiastic (if somewhat average) ocean swimmer, a pastime she enjoys with her husband Andy. Email: [email protected]