Ways to Give

When you donate to us, you’re making a direct and valuable difference to the natural environments and communities of Auckland, as well as their influence on Aotearoa as a whole.

By making a financial donation you’ll become part of our whānau, restoring the whenua (land) with us and through it the health and happiness of many people.

From one-off donations to regular giving, sponsorship and even bequests, there are many ways you can give back, both to your community and the environment. Please let us know if there is a particular area that you want to see positive change happen in. 

One-off Donations

Even one small gift can make a difference to the environment. We encourage you to explore our website and get in touch so you can better understand the mahi (work) we do everyday. Please consider a one-off contribution and become part of our cause. Simply fill out the form, picking ‘one-off donation’ before choosing your gift amount. 

Regular Giving

While every single gift is highly valuable, receiving regular contributions from donors means we can more accurately predict the difference we’ll continue to make in future. We appreciate that making a monthly donation is a very generous act. Please select ‘regular donation’ before choosing your gift amount. 

The Good Registry

This innovative organisation was created in 2016 to help New Zealanders donate the money they would have spent on an obligatory gift to a good cause instead. Removing gift wrapping from the equation also has a huge positive impact on the environment. 

EcoMatters is proud to be a charity partner. Through The Good Registry you can set up a gift registry for a wedding, birthday or another special event so people can pledge to your chosen cause. You can also buy a gift card so your recipient can donate to the charity of their choice.  


Sponsors help EcoMatters make a difference in a way that reaches many. The financial support that businesses and organisations provide often helps us put on events, market our community services, advertise for volunteers, engage in important research and more. Sponsors are associated with a strong community and environmental change-making cause in return. If your business or organisation would like to become a regular or event-based sponsor we’d love to hear from you. 


A bequest is the gifting of money or assets to a person or an organisation through your will. We are always incredibly grateful when a person who feels a connection to our community or the environment overall, leaves us such a gift. 

We would love to hear from anyone with an interest in or questions about leaving us such a generous gift.