Celebrating our impact in 2016


What a year 2016 has been!

With the election outcome in the United States, the Brexit vote, the Syrian war, unprecedented temperatures in the Arctic, people and politicians around the world have been on edge.

It is clear our people and planet are looking for and indeed require new solutions – and that has led many to go looking around for unorthodox solutions. The systems that served us in the 20th century suddenly seem completely inappropriate, inadequate and outdated.

From an environmental perspective, things are extremely challenging both locally and globally right now. But we try to stay focussed on the positive, on what is working, and encourage our communities and supporters to do more of that.

This year we produced our first ever impact report. It was a huge year for our volunteers, supporters and staff, and we would like to think this is just the beginning.

On that note, we would like to thank all of our funders for their ongoing support of us, our amazing volunteers who give up their personal time to undertake work for us, our social media supporters who engage with our Facebook and Instagram pages in such a positive and helpful way, and all of our partner organisations who we have had the privilege of working alongside this year. There are too many of you to mention.

We wish you a very happy and festive end to 2016. We feel we’ve built a really solid foundation here at EcoMatters from which we can spring off next year to achieve even more. Bring on 2017.