Bokashi drop and swap

If you don’t have the time or space to compost at home, and would like to keep your food scraps out of landfill, join our Bokashi bucket drop and swap programme at Hope Teaching Garden.

Hope Teaching Garden, on the banks of the river Whau, is a community space dedicated to helping people come together to learn and share skills to grow more food locally. To keep growing food, we need your compost. Your food scraps will be turned into nutrient-dense soil that we will use at Hope and other local community gardens to grow more healthy and wholesome food. Keeping this process local benefits your business, our community, and our environment.

Bokashi is a clean and easy way to keep food scraps out of your rubbish bin. It is a form of fermented composting, which ‘pickles’ your scraps. You can add food scraps over days or even months,  making it ideal for those taking their full Bokashi buckets to a community composting hub.


Once we have connected through ShareWaste here, you’ll get a free starter kit, including your first Bokashi bucket – everything you need to get on your way to making Bokashi from your food scraps.

We suggest attending a free Bokashi workshop, which will help you become confident with how to use Bokashi. Then you can start collecting food scraps in your Bokashi bucket.

When your Bokashi bucket is full, bring this back to Hope Garden, leave your bucket full of Bokashi food scraps inside the locked box, and take home an empty bucket. You will be given access to the locked box with a code.

Thanks for getting involved to help us make amazing soil that can be used locally!


How to sign up

  1. Join
  2. Connect with us at Hope Garden
  3. Message us, and we will be in touch

If you have any questions, email us at [email protected].


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