Food waste audit

How much food waste does your business make?

We’d like to help you find out how much food waste your business makes by offering Rosebank Business Association members a free food waste audit.

Our pilot programme is on offer to businesses that are Rosebank Business Association members, with the hope to offer this across wider West Auckland, when our pilot is complete.

We will work with you to find a better way to deal with your food scraps, and after auditing your food waste, we will come up with a customised plan for your business. This will include how we can help you put it to better use, by composting it locally, or by perhaps reducing some of it in the first place. 

Composting is a wonderful solution where food scraps are turned into nutrient-dense soil that we can use to help our network of local community gardens, which then helps grow more healthy and wholesome food. Keeping this process local benefits your business, your community, and our environment.

Who supports the food waste audits?

This is a pilot programme run in partnership with the Rosebank Business Association, and with support from Auckland Council.



If you interested in being part of the pilot programme, and are a member of the Rosebank Business Association, email Richard or call 027 636 7339.

Do you own or work for a business in West Auckland that could benefit from a food waste audit and collection service? 

Email Richard and be notified when we are in your area.