The resources we rescue through our Waste Brokerage Project need new homes. The materials below are currently available for reusing and repurposing. Send us a resource request if you think you could put them to use.

We're always adding items, so bookmark this webpage and check in regularly to see what's new.

If your business or organisation has any resources to contribute, email [email protected], or have a look at our wishlist at the bottom of this page for more ideas about what can be diverted from landfill.


Pick ups are by appointment only.  Fill out this resource request form to make an appointment, or make arrangements directly if alternative contact details are listed.

For pick ups from Rosebank Road
Please note that we don't stock all these resources onsite, as we don't have the storage space. Once your request is received, our Waste Broker will liaise with the business to access offsite items for you. Then, they will be in touch to confirm your appointment or to reschedule if needed.

Address: EcoMatters Depot, Unit E 489 Rosebank Road, Avondale
Appointments available: Weekdays 7am-3pm


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Eco Lights

Description: Working condition.

Location: On site - Rosebank Road

Quantity: 11


Bucket with Clear Lid

Description: Food grade bucket with clear plastic lid. The lid can half open.

Location: On site - Rosebank Road

Quantity: 12


Acrylic Food Dispenser

Description: Food grade dispenser.

Location: On site - Rosebank Road

Quantity: 6


Used Blinds

Description: Assortment of used blinds.

Location: On site - Rosebank Road

Quantity: 4


Brand New Blind

Description: Unused. Measures: 1431mm x 1930mm

Location: On site - Rosebank Road

Quantity: 1


Shredded Paper

Description: Black bin bag full of shredded paper. Would be good as a source of carbon for composting.

Location: On site - Rosebank Road

Quantity: Intermittent Supply



Description: Old CD's. Would make good bird deterrence's for gardens.

Location: On site - Rosebank Road

Quantity: 1 Bag


Long Pallets

Description: 4m and 5m lengths available. Untreated pine.

Location: Off site - 31/33 Timothy Place, Avondale

Quantity: 40

Contact: [email protected]


Brown Plastic Container

Description: Volume 1,300ml - 12.5 cm (H) x 11 cm (W) 11.5 cm (L)

Location: On site - Rosebank Road

Quantity: Intermittent Supply


Black Plastic Container

Description: Volume 1,700ml - 16 cm (H) x 11 cm (W) 11.5 cm (L)

Location: On site - Rosebank Road

Quantity: Intermittent Supply


Hairdresser Heads

Description: Hairdresser heads

Location: On site - Rosebank Road

Quantity: 7


Clear Glass Bottle

Description: Screw lid, required (No lids) (Height 23 cm, 300 ml volume)

Location: On site - Rosebank Road

Quantity: 500+


15L Black Buckets

Description: These food-grade buckets have stored 'PFL Special Oxides (liquid)' (dye for concrete) which is classified as non toxic, (certificated can be supplied on request) 10 L buckets, ensure washing takes place in a sink and does not flow into storm water drains.

Location: Off site - Rosebank Road

Quantity: Ongoing


25L Storage Container

Description: Screw lid, (Height 37 cm, Width 27 cm volume Approx 25 L) Food grade. Net weight when full 23 kg

Location: On site - Rosebank Road

Quantity: Ongoing Supply (100's available)


Hessian Coffee Sacks

Description: Hessian Coffee Sacks

Location: Off site - Charles St, Mt Eden

Contact: [email protected]


Cardboard 'salt' Tubes

Description: Cardboard Tubes with Plastic Lids (Height 105 mm, Diameter 51 mm)

Location: On site - Rosebank Road

Quantity: 1000+


Round Plastic Block

Description: 9.5 cm wide, hole in the middle, 4.5 cm deep

Location: On site - Rosebank Road

Quantity: 100+


Brown Paper Rolls

Description:  This is plain cardboard on the front with a rubber coating on the back of the cardboard.  The coating is water based.

Location: On site - Rosebank Road

Quantity: 20+


Round Wood Chip Block

Description: 9.5 cm wide, hole in the middle, 4.5 cm deep. Wood chip and glue construction.

Location: On site - Rosebank Road

Quantity: 100+

paper sack

Paper Sacks

Description: Paper sacks, have had dry food items stored in them.

Location: Off site - Lincoln Road

Quantity: Ongoing



Description: All different sizes, in good condition.

Location: On site - Rosebank Road

Quantity: Ongoing


Cardboard boxes

Description: Owner is keen for these to be reused, instead of sending to recycling. He is also keen to source larger boxes, approx 9 cubic m.

Location: Off site - Lincoln Road

Quantity: Ongoing


Large Storage Bags

Description: All different sizes, clean, food items have been stored in them, white, strong, have 4 handles.

Location: On site - Rosebank Road

Quantity: Ongoing

metal barrel

Metal Barrel

Description: Food-grade metal barrels, used, assorted colours. Volume: 208 L

Location: On site - Rosebank Road

Quantity: Ongoing but limited supply

IMG_7786 2

Bags of Polystyrene Off-cuts

Description: Polystyrene off-cuts, has been used in construction. There is minimal contamination of polyurethane foam and cement. Volume: 1.5 cubic metre bags.

Location: Off site - Rosebank Road

Quantity: Ongoing

Broken Pallet

Broken Untreated Pallets

Description: Would make good fire wood.

Location: Off site - Rosebank Road

Quantity: Ongoing


Insulation Off-cut Bags ($10 each)

Description: Bags of insulation off-cuts (Green Stuff and Pink Batts available)

Location: On site - Rosebank Road

Quantity: Ongoing


Plastic grey lids/trays

Description: Plastic / New / full length 29 cm, Width  21 cm they were supposed to be bin lids but are slightly twisted

Quantity: 100+

Location: On site - Rosebank Road


Coffee Grounds

Description: Coffee grounds in a black bag. Approx 4.6 kg per bag.

Location: On site - Rosebank Road

Quantity: Ongoing supply



White Sacks

Description: White Sacks (large)

Location: Nelson

Heath Bowman
03 544 8402


We're on the hunt for more of the items below. Get in touch with [email protected] if your organisation or business is keen to contribute, and we'll link you up with a community group, school or community garden in need.

  • 10L Buckets, with an air-tight lid (food grade)
  • Carpet
  • Chicken Wire
  • Fabric
  • Gates, wood or metal
  • Macrocarpa
  • Pallets (good condition)
  • Paper - dry & shredded
  • String
  • Wheelie bins
  • Wood to make grape vines (1.5m W x 15 m L)
  • Wooden barrels