Rent-a-bin is available for small to medium events aiming for a zero-waste result. By providing three simple colour-coded bins, people can easily separate out their waste when they dispose of their trash on site. Brilliant!

About the bins:

  • Each bin is 40 litres
  • Recycling bins are blue with yellow lids
  • Food scrap bins are green bins with green lids
  • Landfill bins are grey bins with red lids
  • Wooden stands are optional and free when renting three bins
  • Rental fee is $10 plus gst per bin
  • Bins are stackable
  • Bins have handles which also lock the lids – so no spillages when they are full.
  • All bins come labelled so they’re easy to setup and understand.

Things to know:

  • Renter must collect the bins from 1 Olympic Place, New Lynn
  • Renter can collect the stands from the New Lynn Community Centre (if required)
  • Renter must return the bins empty and clean
  • The stands are rather big so if you plan to use the stands you need an open top ute to collect them
  • There is an overnight charge of $5 per bin

If you require further information or you want to rent a bin, please contact our zero waste hero SJ at [email protected]  or call her on (09) 826 4276 Ext: 141