Internships are an opportunity to become a part of the EcoMatters team while honing your skills in a certain area of interest. There may be a particular project we need help with, or we are open to working with you to discuss your area of study and how this could work in with what we are doing. Topics may include Stream Restoration, Waste Minimisation, Bikes, Marketing, Administration, Research, IT, or we are open to suggestions.

We take in interns all year round for a range of areas though places are limited. If you are interested to find out more about how it all works, email

Covid-19 and international intern placements

Due to Covid-19, New Zealand’s borders are currently closed to anyone who is not a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident, or a critical worker. Currently we have no information available as to when they will re-open, and unfortunately these travel restrictions mean it’s not possible right now to offer international intern placements.