The Whau Wildlink

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The Whau Wildlink is part of the North-West Wildlink, which aims to link habitats and communities between the Hauraki Gulf islands to the Waitākere Ranges and the Whau ward.

People and groups living right across the Whau area are working together to protect and restore native wildlife and plants in their neighbourhood.

Weed-free Whau

Getting rid of weeds helps:

  • stop weeds from killing native plants
  • creates better habitats for our native birds
  • prevent weeds from spreading to neighbouring properties and public green spaces
  • improves the health of our Whau and Oakley waterways.
Find out more in this Growing the Whau Wildlink brochure.

Rongoā Māori in the Whau

Once the Whau area was brimming with native wildlife and flourishing bush habitats. The landscape provided a rich diversity of plants that were traditionally used by Māori for good health and well-being.

Rongoā is traditional Māori medicine. It includes using rākau rongoā (native flora herbal preparations) for good health.

Like to learn more?

You can attend a Whau Wildlink Rongoā Māori wānanga to learn plant identification, care and uses. Contact to find out more.

Or download this Rongoā Māori map of the Whau which highlights the taonga growing in the Whau neighbourhood.