10 - 30 April 2019
Albert-Eden local board area



The Albert-Eden Pest Quest is a fun, family-friendly competition that is all about identifying and removing invasive weeds - especially moth plant!

There are up to $4300 worth of prizes for individuals and teams getting involved with identifying pest plants, collecting moth plant pods and removing weeds.

You don’t have to live in the area to win, but you do have to participate within the Albert-Eden local board area. This includes the suburbs of Pt Chevalier, Waterview, Mt Albert, Mt Eden, Kingsland, Balmoral, Epsom and Greenlane. See the local board boundary map


Moth plant is a highly invasive pest plant which threatens and smothers our native biodiversity. Each pod contains up to a thousand seeds, which can germinate in established forest and streamside plantings a long way from the seed source. Then it gets right into the canopy and smothers and kills plants, preventing the establishment of natives.

Moth plant pods are just about ready to pop, and every pod you remove during the month of April will help stop the spread. Always wear gloves when handling moth plant. The sticky white sap is a poisonous irritant and can cause a rash. Read our Health & Safety tips



The Albert Eden Pest-Quest is played on the iNaturalist app or website. To be in to win, download the app, go to "Projects", search for the "Albert-Eden Pest Quest" and join the project. The observations and weeding activities you record in the app will automatically be added to the Pest Quest, as long as it's within the Albert-Eden local board area.

Download the app:

Record your weed identifying, pod collecting and weeding activities through the app to qualify to win prizes. Remember to include how many pods you've collected or weeds you've removed.

The first 20 people to identify an invasive weed and join the Pest Quest project will win two free coffee vouchers from Crave Cafe - so download iNaturalist and get started now!

Read our step-by-step instructions

Want to play as a team?

Set up or join a team with your friends or whānau and go in the running for team-based prizes. Email with your iNaturalist username and team name for your activities to count towards your team's goals.


An array of 70 awesome prizes in 13 award categories are up for grabs, including family passes to the Auckland Zoo and Parakai Springs, and Restaurant Association vouchers.

There are prizes for top individuals and teams in each of the following categories:

  1. highest number of moth plants identified
  2. highest number of moth plant pods collected
  3. highest number of moth plants removed by the roots

But that's not all - there are also prizes for early birds, weeders of the week, park guardians and biodiversity protectors.

Focus on one mission or take on as many as you like to qualify for more prizes.

Check out the Pest Quest prizes


Throw moth plant pods in the bin
The most foolproof way to get rid of moth plant pods is to put them in a sealed bag and throw them in your landfill bin. Don’t burn or compost them or leave them lying around, as they may spread.

Other weeds - to compost or landfill?
Other invasive weeds or other parts of the moth plant may be safe to compost using certain methods - but it depends on the weed. If you're not sure, it's best to be safe and email to find out more.

Drop them off at a collection day
You can bring your invasive weeds in a sealed bag to one of our two collection days:

1) Saturday 13 April, 1-4pm
Waterview Reserve, 31 Herdman St, Waterview
Join the Facebook event

2) Saturday 27 April, 10am-1pm
Rocket Park, 773 New North Rd, Mount Albert
Join the Facebook event

Request a collection
If you’ve got a large quantity of invasive weeds, you can request a weed collection from your address during the Albert-Eden Pest Quest. Make sure your weeds are in a sealed bag so they can’t spread. Please email or text 021 308 257 to arrange this.


Thanks to the Albert-Eden Local Board for supporting the Pest Quest, and to iNaturalist for providing a platform for this game.



Pest plants aren't just nuisance plants - they're serious weeds that pose a threat to our native biodiversity.

Identifying and removing the dirty dozen invasive weeds below will earn you points towards the relevant awards:

For your handy reference, the 'Pest Quest Plants' Guide can be found in the iNaturalist app, or be viewed on your web browser here.