More Water Saving Advice

Reducing your flow rates

Reducing flow rates (the amount of water per minute that comes out of tap or shower fittings) helps you keep your water use low. Showers typically use the most water (27%) in a household. If you have short showers AND keep your flow rates low, you’ll see good results on your bill each month!

How to know if you need flow restrictors and how to install them.

Watch our video about how to check your flow rate.

Watch our video about how to install a flow restrictor in your shower head.

Watch our video about how to install a tap aerator.

Shower flow restrictors

Shower FLow Restrictor - brass

These brass and rubber shower flow restrictors (pictured) can reduce your flow to about 9L per minute. The restrictors are easy to install but work best in showers with an existing flow rate of around 18L per minute. If your flow rates are below 15L per minute, it may only reduce to about 12L per minute.

Tap aerators

Tap Aerators allMixer taps can also have flow-restricting aerators (pictured) installed, useful in high use areas such as the kitchen or for reducing splashing in shallow bathroom sinks.

Reducing your toilet flush

Toilet Gizmo

You can use a gizmo (pictured) to reduce the amount of water released per flush, for older single flush toilets. Find out how to measure your toilet flush from this flyer.