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Solar For The Future Webinar

Cost: $5



About this Event

Get empowered – answers to your (burning) solar energy questions by an industry expert!

Solar and energy specialist Barbara Elliston has an extensive background in the electricity sector covering generation, transmission, distribution, large industrial consumer and now residential solar PV.

She knows how the whole demand and supply system works, including in-depth knowledge of household energy use and household power bills structure. (She has monitored just about every single appliance in use in residential situations, using ‘power usage monitors’ over extended periods).

Barbara will cover common questions on solar such as:

  • Is solar right for my household (and the aspect of my house) and how much will it cost / save me?
  • How long will systems last and how are they maintained?
  • Why do some people not get what they expected from their solar system?
  • What if I plan to charge an EV?
  • I’m keen to become self sufficient – what do I need to know?
  • Learn how to read your power bill to see if you can maximise your use of solar.
  • And find out what power my house is capable of generating and annual savings (free online tool).

Time for 20 mins Q&A at the end.

(NB a link for this webinar with instructions will be sent out prior to the event).


Barbara Elliston has over 20 years experience in the energy sector at corporate level. She was a director of Infratec; Counties Power; Genesis Power and is director of the Australian Solar Council. She also has experience with smaller startups in the solar sector and with privately held companies in building construction and housing development.

Barbara is a member of the Smart Energy Council based in Canberra, and is the sole NZ-based director on the board there.

She is also the Chair of the NZ and Pacific Solar and Storage Council Inc, an entity set up to train solar installers.

Barbara is founder/director of Easy Warm Limited, a disruptive solar pv company.

This webinar is supported by the Whau Climate Action Network