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Hands On Urban Beekeeping (Part 2)

Cost: $20


Kaiwhenua Honey

11 Lavelle Road, Henderson
Auckland, Auckland 0612 New Zealand

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About this Event

Taking it further for those considering keeping bees. Small group tuition at an urban apiary, right in the heart of Henderson.

Come and join Victoria and Peter on a visit to one of their hive locations in Henderson. Find out from a professional the ‘ins and outs’ of beekeeping and honey extraction.


This is a chance to get more information and beekeeping theory plus get hands on if you’re seriously thinking about keeping bees.

(NB. To attend this workshop, It is not essential to have attended part 1)

Topics covered will include:

  • What does a healthy hive look like?
  • How do I know whether my space is OK for bees?
  • Where to start with checking my beehive?
  • Beekeeping gear and hiveware. What gear would I need to start with?
  • What will my neighbours think if I get some bees?
  • What are the legalities of owning bees?
  • How to get further support?



Kaiwhenua Honey is a sustainable family-run honey business based in Henderson with apiaries located in West Auckland.

Beekeeping using sustainable and ethical techniques is important to Kaiwhenua Honey, and having a smaller number of hives allows us to retain a familiar and caring relationship with each bee colony.

We intentionally leave enough honey on each hive for the bees to eat over the winter months so they get to enjoy the fruits of their labour. We don’t substitute their honey feed with inferior and processed sugar.

Honey from each apiary is harvested and packaged separately allowing the unique flavour from each site to shine! It’s amazing just how much variance there is from one apiary to the next.

Kaiwhenua Honey’s journey is traced right from each apiary, through the processing stage, and into its jar. Every jar has its own code telling us the origin and details of the honey in that jar. We know exactly where the honey in every jar comes from.


Bee protection, see below. Bee suits can’t be shared, due to Covid restrictions.

  • HEAD PROTECTION Make in advance: Hard-brimmed hat draped with bug net or an old net curtain sewn and tied up. This should be long enough to cover neck.
  • BODY Loose clothing, long sleeves and trousers, covered shoes.
  • HANDS Do not bring used gloves, due to the risk of disease transmission to bees. Purchase new gloves. Alternatively, hide hands up sleeves/keep hands behind your back.


If you are allergic to bees, please avoid attending this workshop unless you have your adrenalin kit and someone with you who knows how to use it. Let the tutor know please.

Avoid wearing strong perfumes or blue clothes and keep hair tied back.

There will be an opportunity for attendees to take turns to get up close to the hive.

LEVEL 2    On arrival: Scan Covid Tracer (or manual sign in); hand sanitiser will be supplied. Mask essential. Max 10.

If you are unwell, please stay at home.


BIKE: 5 min bike ride from EcoMatters Henderson bike hub, Falls Carpark, Edmonton Road Henderson.

TRAIN: 10-15 min walk from Henderson Train Station

BUS: 5-10min walk from Great North or View Roads bus stops.

CAR: Ample parking on the street.

Address: 11 Lavelle Road, Henderson


Please book early. Avoid leaving bookings until the last minute. You may miss instructions sent the day before, and we need to have an idea of numbers.

This workshop is suited to adults and older children (10+)