EcoMatters Depot

Our insulation and zero waste teams are based at our Rosebank Road Depot, ten minutes from our EcoHub in New Lynn. Get in touch with [email protected] if you would like to find out how we can help your organisation to save money by reducing your energy, water and waste bills.

Physical address

Unit E, 489 Rosebank Road, Avondale, Auckland 1026

Open hours

Wednesdays 7am-3pm

Mini EcoStore refillery

For less than the cost of buying a new bottle at the supermarket, you can now swap your empty ecostore bottles for filled ones at our EcoHub in New Lynn or refill them at our Rosebank Road Depot. We have dishwashing liquid (lemon), multi-purpose spray (citrus) and handwash (orange and patchouli) ecostore products available during our open hours.

Waste Brokerage Service

Commercial waste makes up 86% of the 1.6 million tonnes that Aucklanders send to landfill each year, but the Rosebank Business Community can lead the way in changing that.

EcoMatters is introducing a Waste Brokerage Service at the Depot which can help businesses within the district use resources more efficiently, save money on waste management, and bring new marketing opportunities. Working together, we can take Auckland closer to the goal of Zero Waste by 2040. Read more here