Zero Waste Awards 2017

Who is your Zero Waste hero? Is it someone doing an awesome job at home with reducing waste going to landfill? Or perhaps a social enterprise working hard to divert waste from landfill? Or a youngster showing leadership and innovation in the Zero Waste sector? Let's let these Zero Waste champions know how much we appreciate their dedication to waste reduction by nominating them for a Zero Waste Award.

This was the first time these awards have been run. Funded by Auckland Council and organised and hosted by The Auckland Guardianship Group, we're looking back on to a heart-warming night of celebrations with all of the following zero waste heroes!

:: WAIPUNA A RANGI - Rangatahi Tu Rangatira Award 
Youth standing up and showing leadership in the Zero Waste space.

  • Winner - Michael Eccles
  • Keradwyn Incarnadine
  • Ariana Brunet
  • Michael Fray
  • Nat Sharp
  • Raedon Kane
  • Jesse Heads
  • Karaka School
  • Emily Fan
  • Renali Narayan
  • Neihana Lowe

:: TUPUA A NUKU - Community Organisation Award
For the community organisation (not-for-profit) that has demonstrated leadership within the sector.

  • Winner - Estella Lee (Chinese conservation Trust)
  • Candace Weir (Tāmaki WRAP)
  • Penny Holmes (Community Childcare organisation)
  • Matthew Luxon (Envision NZ)
  • Sam Judd (Sustainable Coastlines)
  • Andrew Walters (Global Action Plan Oceania)
    (Devonport Community Recycling Centre)
  • Teau Aiturau (Mangere Bikefit)
  • Hone Fowler (Mangere East Community Centre)
  • Dorte Wray (CRN)
  • EcoMatters Team (EcoMatters)
  • Janice Nillsen and Frances Hancock (Friends of the Farm)
  • Yvonne Thomas (Old School Reserve Teaching Gardens)
  • Kathrina McGuire (Nga Iwi School)
  • Richard Lee (Compost Collective)
  • Carys Templer (Waiheke Resource Trust's Zero Waste Event programme)
  • Justine Skilling & Koia Teinakore (Talking Rubbish)

:: TUPUA A RANGI - Love Food Hate Waste Award
For the group or individual that has demonstrated innovation around reducing food waste.

  • Winner - Maile Uluave
  • Amanda Chapman
  • Jessica Niemack
  • Shatna Roberts
  • Matt Dagger
  • Michael Eccles
  • Lionel Hotene - The Kai Ika Project

:: WAITI - Social Enterprise Award
To the group or individual that has started up a social enterprise for diverting waste from landfill.

  • Winner - JJ Van der Vlugt (Jesus Revival Church group)
  • Victoria Egli (United Sustainable Sisters)
  • Sarah Lancaster (Sew Love)
  • Lynda Jeffs (Home Grown Waiheke)
  • Henry Bernard (Flourish)
  • Ian Myhill (Fair food NZ)
  • Jon Morgan (Waitakere Transfer Station)
  • Waikare Komene (THE ROOTS)
  • James Wilson (Resource Rescue NZ)

:: WAITA - Upcycle Award
For the individual or group that has shown innovative and creativity in up-cycling unique items, including hard to recycle items, turning them into something special.

  • Winner - Mesepa Edwards (Eco-Creators)
  • Maja Zidov & Yaki Wo (Conscious Layers)
  • Year 7 & 8 (Robertson School)
  • Adriana Christie (The Pallet Kingdom)
  • Dalton Neho (Tat Upcycle)
  • Denise Balmain (Divert)
  • Mele Nelisi

:: TE URU O TE RANGI - Lone Ranger Award
For the Individual that has gone above and beyond demonstrating their passion for zero waste in their community, at home or work.

  • Winner - Ifalame Teisi
  • Kate Hall
  • Kristy Lorson
  • Olivia Bender
  • Priscilla Lai
  • Dale Granich
  • Monique Stevenson
  • Candace Weir
  • Kristine Choi
  • Tania Webb
  • Buffie Mahwhinney
  • Leilani Kake
  • Renali Narayan
  • Eden Bray
  • Shobi Gopalakrishnan
  • Karen Clifford
  • Brent Mags

Special recognition - Angela McClean

People Choice - Shatna Roberts