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Do you have an idea for a project, nonprofit or socially-minded business or are you an existing organisation looking to become more sustainable?

CO.STARTERS for Causes is a 9 week programme (3 hours training per week) that equips aspiring social entrepreneurs with the insights, relationships and tools needed to turn ideas into action.

CO.STARTERS for Causes is for:
  • People with ideas - test and develop your social enterprise idea
  • Non-profits - explore adding income from trading activities to your revenue model and grow capacity for social enterprise in your team
What you'll gain:
  • A deeper understanding of how to create a sustainable social enterprise, identifying whether or not an idea is good and how to change it to make it work
  • The ability to articulate what your social enterprise does and how it works
  • Knowledge of business modelling, budgeting, customer research, marketing and more
  • The next steps needed to move forward
  • A community of peers, mentors, business services and a national network of support

Download a summary of what's covered in the CO.STARTERS for Causes programme.


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Kristy Lorson - EarthSavvy: A one-stop shop for zero waste living

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A little extra support can make a huge difference in getting a new venture up and running. Could you help our aspiring social entrepreneurs get their ideas off the ground by being a guest speaker or mentor? Find out more about becoming a guest speaker or mentor

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