Plastic is contaminating our soil, our ocean, our waterways and making its way into the food and animal web. Educate the generations to come and join our Love Your Bags campaigns!


Who doesn’t love a good lagoon? Who doesn’t love a good west coast lagoon? Show the world how much you love your lagoon! The more people that get on board the better!

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If it’s home advice you’re looking for – you’ve come to the right place. Our visitor Centre provides a range of resources designed to support households to save energy, water, […]


  Imagine a network of local streams, sparkling with health, brimming with wildlife and framed by native bush corridors alive with birdsong.  Imagine heading down to the local stream for […]


[This Page is still under construction. Please come back to read about our projects soon!] EcoMatters delivers a range of projects that help to protect our beautiful native bush. Depending […]


Water Saving Do you break out in a cold sweat each month when the water bill arrives? Do your teenagers treat the shower cubicle as their “happy place” to while […]


Who doesn’t love a good lagoon? Who doesn’t love a good west coast lagoon? The mere thought of the word conjures up memories of many a pleasurable day trip: heading […]


Become the cavelo nero hero of your street! Wow your friends and family with your seasonal salads, edible flowers and abundance of leafy greens. Have your kids begging for more […]


Zero Waste Markets EcoMatters Environment Trust has been successfully delivering the waste management at the New Lynn Night Market and Wesley Market for two years with some incredible results. At the New […]

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Is your neighbourhood in need of some environmental love? Love Your Neighbourhood is all about actively caring for a place you love – anywhere you live, learn or play. If you’re in the Henderson-Massey, […]